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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 8, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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joins tomorrow night f for more "hardball." right w it's time for "the ed show" with ed shultz >> i'm ed shultz. this i"theed show." good evengamericans. live from 30 rck in new york. it's "the ed show" omsnbc. a day after frankenets swn in, harr reid gs tough, tellin bauckusjust pass the health care bill. it's about te. report has just been released at shows the isura industry is hammering consumers when it comes to overcharging. big story coming up in just a moment. and sarahalinays options are onhe table for 2012. the republicans are loving that.
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e can bring them star power and as i said, a bunch of money. coervatives think michael jackso couldturn mainstream america ainst the trat decrat sheila jackson lee i pushing a controversial resolution in the house. it's causing big problems for ncyfe loes pesi. i'll talk to congresswoman jackson lee inhe hour but first, tonight's"op-ed. if you've been following the developmentss of late,ou have to note there are mixed messages cing from the whit house on thisublic a and they're absolutely should b no mxed messages. zero, period, none. chieof s rm eanuel let a comment slipo the wall street joual on the public plan. here it is, the goal is to have a means and mechanism to keep the prite insers honest. the goal is nonnegotiae. the path inegotiable.
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this ds not fit wel with lefties in cgress. in fact, here's the president overas. he haso issue a statement to mop is thing up. once again,the president has be consistent. he say i still belve, i've id it before, that one of the ways to bin dn costs, provide re choices, and assure ality is a public option that will force insurance companies to compete and to ke tm honest. now, folks, i don't know at you think, butere's my take. this is nochic politics. it's jt too nice. it's also confusing. the last thing the ama administration nds to do is confuse the blic on health care. if the people in congress are confused, where do you think the public i harry rdinally has gotten into the mix. collars max baucus and says look, we're not going toax anyone on their health care benefi and stop chasing the republicanarnd as if we have have them to get the deal done. re's what'shappening, folk
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they're hearing yources. these senarsent home for a break last week. you know what they did? they got anearful. this is what the publiwants. the polls have been showing this for months on end. innother development today, the hospitals are going to b good guys. the hospil associaon, they're going to contribu $155 billion over theext ten years to hp cover the uninsured. joe vice president joebiden madehat announcement today. >> hospitals areommitting to contributing $155 billion in medicare and medicaid savings over the t yes to cover health re cost reform. over the ne tyears. as more people are insured, hospitals will bear lessf the financl burden of caring for the uninsurednd underinsur and will reduce payments tcover those costs in tandem with that ruction. today's announcement i believe
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represents the essential role hospitalplay in making reform a reality. >> you have to admit, these dog bones are just getting bigger all the time, aren't ey? you've gotthre hospital associatio cutting a deal with the white house, trying to fight off the public option. that's what this is. is is the americaneople against the establishment and th deciders are in the middle wondering what the heck is going on. yove got rahm emanuel er here and the psident over here. 's overseas and hasto issue a statemt on where he stan on public option agai u've harryeid over here, smacng up max bucus saying enoughf this stuff, okay, when it comes to taxingenefits. thdemos have got to get on the same page. but here's the one constant thing in all of this.
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u. the american peoe, you have been at the right ple l ong, and that'sublic plan, that's public option. wee not going to get single payer. thsn't going to happen. there's new twist. the chairman of the commerce committee jay rock feller is going to join us here in just a moment. hasreleased a bltering report that the insurance industry has been giving underpaynts t consumers. you are getting butchered by industry. by t industry, the insurance industry. they're not paying what they should be paying. the senator from wesvirginia ins us tonit. senator, it's en too long. eat to have you with us. i know you ve been on this for a long time. can you tell us exact what your report saying about what the insuran industry is doing in is this report shows. i'm going to wre you a little note andend it to you if you omise to read it. >> i promise to read it, senator. it' brilliant.
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it shows the insurance industry is controlled -- there's a nspiracy of makgsure that eir profits increase and the way they do that is by increang the amount of co-payments that patients hav to pay and decreasing the amount of money th providers of health care get. it's a scam. ay, it's a scam. those are stng words. whatappens when patient goes out of network? is this where the insurance industry is reallyaing consumers? >> that happens to babout 100 million people. it's interesting, acally. we got thehead the biggest insunce company involved in all of this. they settled in new york for 50 million because they were being accud of just what u're saying and what i'm saying and what this rept says. i said did you jt se for $350 milon or were you freud thatou were going to get hit with a fraud indictment? and they said o, we thought we
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would like to do somethi posi positive. >> senator rockefeller. this is breaking news. how could this change the landscape of the deba in washington for cmpetition for the insurance industry. do you think that this report could bring some conservative democrats over better line of thinking wheit comes to a public option, wha the president wants >> i think it mickin beautilly with a public tion cause, in fact, ive been for at from the very beginni just like you have. i put the first bill i and 's the only what i ll pure bill. and the only people i don't wt to be scared of is the people tryingo are them saying this is the fir step to socialism, single-payer, government rs all. it is a publi option. if peopllike t health insurance they have, thecan keep it. if they want pay a little bit more for the heah, they can do
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that. but the point is, the public option forces competition with the insurce industry, which i going to he to bring down theicosts or else they're going to go out of business. >> and finally, senator, tell us about this $155 billion or the next t years that these three hospital associations ha decided to pony up tcover those who aruninsured. doou think this is a credib offer? andoou think it can work? >> i've been working on health care for about 35 years. i've heard a wholeot of statements from a whole lot of people saying how they were going to help. and this is always bore actually havtoelp. so'm really proud of the oba administraon and vice president biden, yoknow, f getting this so-ca aid agreement. but i'm really much more interested in what happens to the consumer. the health care coumer. >> what abouharry reid, the senate majority leader telling
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max baucus that we areot going be taxing health care benefits? this sms to be kind of coming la in e cob vnversation. theye been talking about that for months. at's your response to that conversation? >> look, does taxing health care and people who have health ca, ushealth care strikeou a the most brilliant way to solve our health care problems? >> well, it'one way -- i mea i don't like gng after people's ince. i think the's other ways to genera the money. >> txing people's health car th's what's beingsuggted, you see. and that's whs debateis all about with harry reid and max baucus and the rest of hem. it's not going to be on the tae as far as i'm concerned. you do sudden tax what people are payin for health care. you just don't do it. ime lok, you can come from all different kinds of circumstances, youon't tax care.hare to pay for health >> nar, you and i have
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always had a good back andforth on the issues. if you have anyther questions you would like meo answer tonight i would like to go along wi this. >> we've gotted to med-paone of these days. reimbursement of providers and making it fair and gettin the lobbyists out the picture. cayou imagine health care going through congress without thempact of lobbyists? >> absolutely. senator, gat to have you with us. great job on tt eport. i thinit is -- it is big news because it really pre what the vi has been doing f consumers for a long time.. anks so much, senator. joining meoming up gng to be geoe miller. he is on thhouse education lar committee. overon the hou side, the have not really had too many problems whent comes tooi after the public option. iteems pretty determined that the house bill that comes out is
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going to have the blic option, and there's no question about it. thathe democrats are on the same page over on the house de. 's in the senate where we've got some weak knees gog on. ining me is george miller. congressn,reat to have you with us tonight. i need some clarification. i think ouriewersonight want clifation on exactly what wasrahm emanuel talking about when heaid it was negotiable withrepublicans w itcame to the public optioand the meeting was called last night abruptlyn the hill. you were on n th meeti. descbe it for us p i was in that meetin rahm emanuel came a told the decratic cauc that president obama continues e four-sare behind a public option. wants a public option in the healthare plan and that's what we expect to give him from the house of representatives a that's what they pect receive. wehink it's absoluty critical that the public option ben the national health care plan. we just s reason why.
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if we don't have public option there's no way we can protect erican families and rate payers frothe kinds of schemes that senatorrockefell just exposed in his report. $1 billion ripping off tir policyho policyholders, and there n way to prote them from that if we do not have a public health optionthat's overwhelmingly supported by the american people. >> congressman, how muchfuel is this going to put on the issue of pushing for public option n that thireport is being releas tonight? >> well, this is jusanot exhibit in a lgistory of examples that every ameran family feelsvery time they go to pay for tir medal procedures, to pay for their hospital space and their surgery, they find ou well, it really wasn't covered the way it was represented in the picy. if you called the hme office, maybe you would havenown you're going to be liable w for thousands of dollars wre you thought you were going to be liable for a coue of hundred oflars. >> this is really a lot of ammunition for the democrats and
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it's a lotof ammunitionfor the obama white house. is this the timeo hit the throttlend put it to the floor board and fget what the republicans are talki about en it cs to birtisanship? in the meanme, you have the white house sending mixed messages here. your tught on this >> i think we have to kick it into overdre. there's no indication they want to play. at they want to do is attack the oba plan. they don'tant to offer a heth care plan as an terne. they simply nto attack this. in the sete there's a realization that if you -- if you think you're going to bring along 10r 15 or 20 repubca you're not gng to have a national health care planhat really serves the american family. i think what you're seei is the democratsre now startg to understand 've gotten very lit frl aching out, trying to do this in a bipartisafashion. we've got to get on with fashioning national health care that can passthe congress
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and be signed by the president of the united states andgo to the people of this country that so desperatelyeed it. >> congressman, thank you so much. charlie wrangle said that, you know, rahm emanuel made hell of a mistake. don't need any more mistakes or miscommunicatio ornybody on the wrong page coming out of the white house. the american people are wi you. m talking about the white house tonight. the american people are with y on public option. let's get after it and mainalize the republicans who ar doing all these scare taics about socialism. and of course,e are going to be going to toronto to find out actly how well they're doing it up there. all right. more news tonit. the reblicans c't wait from wasilla come help raise that money. she's fishinfor money, i gues i told you this was going to happen more from the incrible interview with andrea mitchell diarah pin wh sarah
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palin. plus we'll talk with jn nichols about her future. stay with us kind of consideryy a robinhood of the directing world.d. buick enclave the finest luxury crossor er. i need some zen ttime th this model thank u.u.
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congsswoman shelajackson lee wantnts michae jackson honored in the congress forever and forevever. peteter king ss not in my house representatives. chael jackson is aboutut to cause a rumble i ithe hoe. cong up at the bottom of the hour, we'll haveththat right hee on "e ed show." nnouncer) joe useses the contour meteter fromayer. (joe) my meteabsolutely adapts toe and my lifeyle. i'm joe jamesanbeing outside oththe x is my simplww (announcer) w available in five vivibrant cors. (announcer) w available the $100 cam. flabbergasted when we creame the $700 cream! for under $3regenerist micro-sculpting cream hydrates bettethan 32 of the world's most expensivereams. faasc. phenomenal. regenerist.
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we don't knonow exactlywhwh
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sahhalin is going to beeoing but i i thinshshs going to be making somom sereriousasasand raisingsosome serious money for the republicans. now, t ty'y're hoping shhe'll bg ththfufundising clout to the states and the districtcts t top the paparty the big ueue wther or not e's goingo shoot f t the pridency in the nomination n rr 2020. joining g me now is john nichol, who has spspent lot time in alaska coverining e e governor. nonow th all th news that h h bebeen outut trere, hn, one numr th jumps out atat me. shshe'nonot ing hurt in t the polls. u have a "usa toy"y"/glup poll utut republican ve for palin in 3 2 2 002. 7 2% sa yeah, we're probabably gog g too thatff she goes the stance. what d y make of atat? >> in the l lanofof t blind,,hee near-sighted woman from m wasia is queen. >> they donon't have mananyther options. she's bfafatheir best known
6:20 pm
d best liked potentialal contender. soso if e e n play out of this it from the governorshipipin a smart t waway, keep herrrofe up perhaps write aerery strong appealining bo.. shshe'definitely a contender for the 2012 nomominatn.n. a andhe's going after obabaoba. here she is criticizizing e e president. >> what hahasto happen ritt n is, we eded to reinin government. ama is growing governmenent. it's the last ththingge eded t do. wewe nd to stop ow ththis mumul, multitrillion debtbt we' p psing on toourur children. i don't agree with w what 's's doing. want to fight with andndoror people w who wllll usherer i i posivevehange we need to counter what is gogoinonon i washingtonond.d.c.ight now. u uconomic.
6:21 pm
i guess that's an alaskanan wd.. >> don't pickk on thee alaanan that's notot o o of eirs. >> i'm not.. they had a wonderful town hall. there's a divided c caminin aska when i icocometo sarah palin. how is this playing out t for askans in ourur opinioion? >> i've been talkiki t to a lotf lks inalaska. one thing toto kep conscious o is she was not particicular popopur r wi a lot of peoeople her own partrty. she was like i ishe decided to ek re-election t to f fe a primary chchleleng shshprobably would have wowon t she would haveve dn n ternal papartfifighthat would have ghlighted a lot of the complaints and concecernababou her. ththat o onef the reasons she's exiting. what shoululshe b be doing? >> she needs t t take the month ofugust off. nobody is going to be e pangng a that much atatteioion yway. she e ededs take that titimean outline this ook, get herseself
6:22 pm
team of advise sporprps she nee to get half a dozen smt nationalalololital players around her. the fact is s atatn a alask y y can runn f govererrr a get elececte relativively freelance. but on the nationall stagege, u ed a team, and s doesn't hahave tt t t. theyllet heream if s she can raisise thney. >> she'll have the money. there's s no qststn. she is r rig n nowhe face of the soal cnsnsvative pro-life moment within the republblanan part >> and quiuick, , johnwhwh is that v vidtatapef her beingnn waders do? i think it plays pretty well with the base,e,hahat you think?k? >> i think it pays great with e e se. i i thk it plays very well frankly with a lot of f won n wh like to sese a sporty, relativil young omoman. don't sesee th a aa particular nenegave. all right, good to haha y you on. next up o on he ed shw." pspsyctatalk
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senator, the co war has s be over for a autut 2years, hasn't ? next up " "psho talk."
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well comb back. it's time for "psychotalk." this gentleman has been a candidate. he's hit thed room floor a
6:27 pm
few times. jon kyl says president obama esn't care about procting thecountry. on a radio talk show kyl was w talking about preside obama's medvev agreemen to cut the nuclear arsenaly 25%. here's what the hard liner from arizona said about the agreement. >> in past, our assess. of what we need to protectour intere as well as our allies veut the numbe of weapons at a ctain level. and the administration plannio go far below that .p'm concerned the administration is morenxious to make a deal than it is ensure t proteion of the unitedtates. >> there's much inhe agreement to support.
6:28 pm
a couple of supporters reminded us back in 1986, president reagan and thenpremier mikhail gorbachev almost agreed to the elination of nucle weapons within ten years. kyl, think, is accusing the president of bagtraitor. he says e actions are treanous. saying the psident of the unit states would sellut to the ruians and make us less sa, at'sajajor league sycho talk." ax agents veve the experience to get the job done. nobody sells more rere estat than re/max. where do you w want be? now every drop of sllasolines... contata a nitrogen-enriched cleaning system.. atat seeks and destroys engine gunk... left by lower-r-qualy gasoline. t protects engines frrom performance-robbing gu. try y w nitren-enriched shell gasones.
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>> robert rice tried to warn em. i've said it aumber of tim on the program. the $787 billion stimulus package may t be eugh to keep the economy out of the ditc sure enough, five nths after the stimulus package passed, the
6:32 pm
unemploynt rate is higher and many stateare still strapped. that's the untold story. why? we'll get to that. a new government report sa the states are using the stimulus money to pay debt and just to opate and stay afloat instead of starting new job-creating projects. no in the meante, the party of no is right is there. they've got no ias and of course, they're using this opportunity tottack the president ofhe united states as a tax and spend liber. here it is. >> weried to explainto the presidt at growing government wasn't going to get americback to work again and that by allowing small bunesses and american filies to keep moreof whathey earn, they're the real engine of economic growtin ameca. >> house reblicans are determined to continueo advance policy thati get this economy mng.
6:33 pm
>> jean mmings, i see that vice predent ben is going to headut to ohio tomorrow because some of the latest numbers aren't the be for the administration for instance, whent comes to the onomic job outlook, the approval rating back in may, the president wasitng at 7% own the economy. now 's down 46%. what do you make of this ve by the white house to jum these numbers in io? do th view this as a critical turning point keep people withhem? what do you thk? >> i think they expect tre will be some roller coasters. this is definitely a dip for the white house. they're trying respond to the republican messages comg out this week. i think e republics have gotten the upper hand for now. the white house is taking a more aggressive stance push back. they had rob neighbors up capitol hi tay, highlights differt parts of theao
6:34 pm
report, parts that thehite house think are good for them. andf course, biden doing a sort o in your face move by goingight out there into boehr's turf. >> it seems to me t white houshas limited opons at thispoint. the money has been dished o to the states. the states are usi it under the control of t vernors. at can the white house do about creating the jobs they wanted to eate with the stimulusoney when it's being used just to et state budgs? >> ll, it is sometng the white house had feared th the money would be diverted in ways that we not as effective in creating jobs. hower, the white house is also stuck th posion where they need to prove a negative. for instan, manyepublicans will concede th saved bs, not crted necessarily, but sad jobs. and e white house canote th there are many jobs in state government that were saved
6:35 pm
by the fact that there stimusoney there to hold those jobs in place. so it's almostlike, as i said, proving a negative. they s jobs not necrily created. now they've got to get to th infrastructure. that's the money they want to start pushing o faster becse that woulde the money that could create newer job >> youan't deny the numbers. youratng just is what it is. i said allalong micgan, india and ohio is where the polls are goingo slipfor the obama administration ifhey n't start creating some jobs. what can they do and how critical would it be for them if itgoes 10% unemplme and me of those states it's beyond that right now. >> my economists bieve we will, in fact, h that . thehe house at that point
6:36 pm
will have to have a re messaging oblem anew. because it's a promise or at least a go that they have set for themselves. >> do you think the whe house will push for a secondtimulus package? >> i think they will not. message has been sent back loud and clearhat they couldn't pass it en if the whe house tried to make a case for it. think what we've seen from t whithouse is that they've turn theirattention to how they can g the current st stimulus mey outaster. the projects were not supposed to b until lerhis year. if they can expedite that, then they can demonstte some progress othat front. it wou be much more helpful them right now than trying to go up to capitohillnd in the midst of health ca and ener try to la a brand-new project on top of the democrats.
6:37 pm
>> credit is tht. money is not cheap,nd until the obama adminisation, and until the democrats address this double standard o wall street gets it cheap, small businse don't, i don't know how you're going to risk ters in the maet to stimulate the economy to get this thing going agn. mr. geithner, lien. your eve got to g to cheap money or small businesses aren't going to get into the riskaking mode. we're just going to be tting here say well, we're savina bunch of jobs. i tell you, tse republican governorare sitting on the money to run eir budgets, they're not fair players,ot hohn brokers wh the stimulus package money. you check it out,olks. they wt obama to fail. they want the sulus package to fail. all right, a lot more coming up on that subject and other things coming up, one more thinghat might get the congress more led up inalth care reform.
6:38 pm
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all right, i i my plbook tonight, cononovover over the bowl championonsh series. senatotor orrin hatch off utah d a hearing t tuday into whethehe thoowl championship ries violatesntntrust laws. after the hearing,hahatcsays he thinksks the justice department ould be looking at thehe b?? nono i don't know aboutt yo b i n't want a government
6:42 pm
bureaucrat inbebeeen me and my vovori college football team when thehererehaving a great yer and going to a bowowl meme. i'll go baa the old dayys, woody hayes used to say like have a lot of winners a a i kekeo have a lot of bowl games. ororomething like that. joiningee n now is msnbc hst and my friend a and h also hosts e 11 hoourere on msnbc. courage you too wah it. he knowowhahat he'salalng about. don'n'puput governmnmentt bureaucrat between meeand my college football teaeam. >> a a r rig. i'i'm inintogrgree with youutut i'm going to stand up f o orn n hatch for a aminute. aryou ready for that? credit card defaultsts a going crcry and 10 million are ononhe brk of havingng tirir homes
6:43 pm
forecloseded oanan therefore tss is what's imimpoant. >> are we goioing to have a playoff series? it's g goi to takeke an act o o ngress? > t thi we'll havee a a play seseri but not for four or five years. orrin hatch is froromutah. they were undefeateded. they d didt t geto go to the sees. >> oh. >> hisis tmm endedupup sececd.d. flflora a ich lostne game, got the championshsh s sers against oklalaho w w also lost d d gus what, orrin hatch said you're not playing f fai yoguguysre arrogant. >> hehe's a sore loss.. there'ss a lot going on around that party. gogo aheaead. >> joe baaenen held hearing las year because h his team d didttt in there shouou b be playoff. college babaskball, nothing iss more fununthan march m madss an the playoffs. >> there is a ayoffs. there's a s,s, a computer formula,a, t s sedules. > ce e on
6:44 pm
>> major c colge nfnferces, all for r thbibiguys. then the little guys t trere. michaellrararee doing special ings. prpresent obama says we need a plplayf. i say, you know, let's'setet ed shulznn carlos watson onon capitol hill s sining sdsh. >> i guarantee iaan the plaplay by play. >> p peoe e rget you were a spts director. > i s surisis the academic institutions of f erericcan't havepresidents getet tetetr and do w whas bebestororollege fofootllll. they got to o t to ngress?
6:45 pm
yoyooften didn't get the number onone d number two team playayin 'v'veot a g gatat show totorrow. bernie sanders i is coming o o firiring remember, indepepeenent om vermont. he's with you. he saying no more plalangng around with thee republicans. so going to talk a little michael jackson.. some unexpected new w iningse're tatalkg g about. and then guess w wt?t? immigration on thehe ptete >>arar pin could be really a caca cow for the republicacan party. gop l ladaderare already talkin out how much she couldld hp p in the midtermsms.. frank donatelll zi azi a money y hendnd the rest of the panel will weigh in oner wewe i wonder if she hahaa a fiing license. relief cacan'tre come fast enougugh.
6:46 pm
troducing bayer uickelease crystals. it's rea tdissolve faster th caplets or tablets. it's w wholenew way from baye dissolve pain fast. n bay quick rellse cryals.
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welcome back to "the ed show." tteal maverick fromm las year was sarah palin.n. a newgop poll shows thehey love her. 7 in 10 repupublican say they would likely votote for s sarah papalin if shshe ran fopresiden in 2012. t's bring on our panelel on this one. laura flandeders is the ahor o "blue grit." frank donatell zi ththe chaiair of go-pac. is sarah palin still a a majojo
6:50 pm
playerer in youropinion? >> i tnk she's's still a major player.. probably not in termrms of a candidacy herself, butut she ha tremendous respect and pu withinhe grass roots up ale moneyy in amamerica toy is with the obama admistration and the ununion whicis have access to ion dues and t the tri lawyers whicgive lots of money to o democrats. so ifgovernor palin can help even up thehe stakakes i thi ththat's aretty good thing. do you think she resigned, frank,k, because she know thee party lacking lei idtity, lackg leadadershipndneeds moneney? >> no, i d don't tnk so at all. i mean, she madede apersonal dedecision that shehe didn' wano be govnor ananymore. i guguess therwere a lotf ethics complaintsts againster and she e felt le she had had enou. >> she e does one good thing. e quits a lot. it's a long list herere.
6:51 pm
>> s she's not goingng to r on, whatat, being mayayor o a townf 6,000 and not quite ne-term governor i mean, yeah. she'e's alrey getting the, yo know,, blin' pali is t that good for a candidatet? i don't know. you'veot your polls but i'i've seen other polls toda of religious vote percent a and gue wh, the religious base has a brain and y've got the-quarters of them sayaying th were either, you knowow, lss likelyly to vote for mccccain w he appointed her to run as his runnining mate o unaffectcted. only about 3in 10 sing they mit have voted w with him becae he appppointed r. as candidate, i tnk she's stil doesn't appeal that threree yaurt-quartrters off pe nt a politician whoo leads for thcommon god, they want to ve e experien and nonot somebody who's out stirring up flameses of old battles w we don't nt to go to.o.
6:52 pm
is good for the demoats to haveve sarah palin out ththere g wordsike uneconomic that aren't ev in the dictionary. is tre an upside for docrats on this? >> amerins don't like a quter. what s did, s she seed half of her termrm and bled out halay through it cause the goioing wentnt tough o she wants to go make money. that's c certainlyer prerogat e prerogative.e. but if you make a cocommitmento the peoplele of your ststate, iu sign up p for a fofour-yea contntract, i ink they would ha an expectation thahat you would fulfilll that contract.. i thinink the's been a lot of attention papaid to holoony and how daaffy her ess confnference was but peopople have t focused onon the sthing indictment she made of her fellow e elected officials, sayaying that the peopleasically work half te then thhey bil out and p play golf a and jerk aund. and that may have bebeen her projting what her plans wewere on evevery other elected offici in the countrtry. ththat's n fair. > i don'think we want libels to do the same thing g that messed thehem up a lott ine last electionon cacampaign.
6:53 pm
it's not just t about making fu of this woman and it's not abot cong out with justt tack. es she look great in w waders? . when you say is herer press coerence was so whacky --- >> daffy. she's intellectutually -- >> herer pressss conferencess w insane but it di't stop him from bng elected. the more libals made f fun of m -- >> frfrank, don't me to be mean or sexisist or anying right now. i'm talkg about a candidate. does she have t intellectctual capacity toe a national candidate for ththe repuicans at the top of the tick? do she have everything together? >> my observation is t that sh does. she gave a speech for million viewers on cab tellevision. a week afterer thathe spoke att the e republic conventionno
6:54 pm
more americans than ama did. shshe did fine. and then a mth after that, she bated joeiden to 110 million amerericans anshe did pretty we. i think she does have thehe -- >> voters said we want somebody with experieience who k know whs they're tatalking out. there'e's no queion. >> hillarary clinton got pmeled ar after year after ar and e stuck with it and e toughed it out andutted i t, was elelected snator and r rn for esident. d now is the secretary off state. at is not a sexist coent. that is s a wan who was tough and strongng and is real leader. sarah palinin who bails after, u knowafter half a term is notot. all right, now, is the media unfair to sarah palin. she's s done a gat job overer e years playing the victim, but right now unfairly negative, 5% of thehe amican people believe that she'e'sot bein treatated irly by tmedia. unfairly positive,e, 9%.
6:55 pm
above the proper t treatmen and nversation at 28%. i want to o make thiobservation. think the fact that she's out fishing wiwith her hband, workrking handon with ki, a family thihing, it'sdventurouou to do ththat kinof stuff. i think k that hasn appeal to it. frfrank, whaare yourr thghts on thatat? i don't think ththat videope hurts her at all. i thk it enhanances her. >> i think t the thing most americanans respoed to negatively were the e attackon her chchildren. you know, ththe davilettterman comment, the mments about her chdren. i ththink thatas -- >> i d don't kw if that's going to get peoplple to ve for her. make people mpathetic to her. >> todd what d you me of her late videotape out theree with andrea m mitchell covering he interviewingng her andhe's got th waders on. she's the e outdoors woman now? the's a real sense of family to ing this. and that plays to the b base. >> i think it't's great tv. i ink it's goodod f her image but it'soing toto be hard to
6:56 pm
ss her if shehe doesn't go awa. t let's not forget, the people who saged sahalin initially were not d democratsut were thehe repubcans, were the mcca campaign whofter she ft talked out her wardrobebe anand how she w vampant and half coo kookoky. itas the repepublica initiallyl. >> joe bin s says t hospipitals are going to caarve out $155 billio the word t they're ung is contntribute they're g goingto contribute $15 billioion over t next ten y yea to get health h care cos down. here's's the ve president. >> hospititals are commting to contributiting $155 billionon, billioin medicarend medicaid savings ovover the t years to cover healalth care cost reform ovoverthe next n kbreerps. >> now we d commercece
6:57 pm
secretary jajay rockefeller on herere. what do you thinink? >> you know, i thininkthat this is one eort to trtry toet the privatee hospils in plalace, yo know, in timime to get b behinde kindf reform. but really, what'sbeing contributed hehere is not anythg concrerete. it's savingss they ceive fewer f federal payments.s. it's people g going to gett insurance under the planan. it's not them giving up profits any place.e. frank is, this just the big industry working against the blic option and they're pullining out l the ststraws rig now. whwhat do u think? > wel the admistration is certainly putting a a lotf pressure on privivate indury to cocome up wi these deal.l. but the ct iss that spite all this,, gernment run healthth re is going t costt over1 illion. congngress doesn't have any i i how to pay for t this. and that why the government option cannot pass. >> what about that, todd? how are you goingg toay for it? >> look, i i lolove that nobody
6:58 pm
talks about how w you pay r a war oray for iraq. look, ve the administration n credit on this. you keep your frfriends cle, your enenemies even closer.r. last week geets bigharma looped into this and investsted in is. ese are two of thehe major groups tt could sinink heal care refeform. now tere's a lot of momentutum n capipitol hi. you see even blanch lincoln, one of the consvative democratsts lilining upn favovorof the publc option thahat got anken. ththey can dthis themselves with the 60 votes they have.. >> i if they l listen the amererican peoe and get it done. l right, finally. has e med gone overboard? let's goround quickly. donny deutch onhis prograram last nigight mad contntroversia comments.. he said he thinks the countryrys losing its soul. whwhat do u think? > we talked for weweeks aboue
6:59 pm
death h of ldy dna. >> too mucuch covera? >> not reaeally. >> too much cocoverage? >> celebrityty still sells in americ and yes, ere's too mumuch coverage, but that's's t state of thehe cuntry tay. a all rit, and todd, what do you think? did thnetworks go overboard? >> isichael jackson, the king of pop 3 yo a beefef wit i. at leastt's not jonbenet msey. >> forll the neork, the rangs were through the roof. in o world that does mean anan awful lot. that's's "th ed sw." thananchts foreing here tonht. for momore infortion, go to our n


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